Little background: Hearing praises from our alumni about us, makes us realize that SEO Training Point has achieved what many SEO institutes aim to achieve. It hasn’t been more than four years since the inception of our company, but still, it seems that we have journeyed a decade. Every day, we have been working with utter dedication and hard work to work for the cause of education. We have been somehow trying to help society through our association with students, parents, corporate organizations and institutes. We are trying our best to provide the leverage to the development of society. So far, our success is the result and outcome of true spirit with which we work and honesty which we adhere to. Here, we would like to share our small but eventful journey of success.

In the year 2011, Mr. Manish Ray envisioned clearly his goal about a successful SEO company. There were many, but he wanted to have a unique one, different from others, without any mercenary attitude. He started the company thus, which he initially operated from his home. It was online in the earliest phase. His hard work paved way towards the establishment of the company as a physical entity. He had a sheer passion to open a tangible office in Bangalore. First couple of years; there was many ups and downs, all sorts of experiences, sweet and bitter, beautiful and ugly. He found motivation in each step towards success and leant to succeed better with every disappointment. There were very few students in the beginning, but soon, the expertise and knowledge that he had acted in bringing in students from various backgrounds. The institute’s journey towards success thus took off.

The story of our Success so far: What makes us glad is that our placement record has been 100% till now. We have placed all the students whom we have trained. Moreover, we have been very helpful for struggling entrepreneurs and those who wanted to take up entrepreneurship. We have an international presence, as we have trained foreign students as well from countries like U.K., U.S., Dubai, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nepal and Pakistan. This resulted in a web solution company. But again, we had to face many problems; the most challenging out of those was that the people belonging to web solution companies did not know us. It was all because of love and affection of the students who made us recognized and it was due to their cooperation and success that we became popular. With this, we began to move further, taking web solutions to the next level.

What keeps us going? There are many factors that converged to pave way towards success. What helped us was never give-up spirit, knowledge, experience, patience and above all, the trust that all our students had in us. The credit for our success goes to our entire team and all those who have been associated with me so far have worked with utter zeal to be recognized and hailed.

  • Three branches: After getting a solid foundation, we started growing quiet fast. In three years of time, we have been able to establish three branches—one branch every year on an average. All three branches have been operating dynamically. Through our expansion, we have been able to reach as many students as possible and impart knowledge to the youngsters at large. We hope to expand our branches throughout India and are very determined to go global.
  • Decent number of Indian and foreign students: Our quality-oriented training and honesty have let students from India and abroad to be our part. The range of students that we get clearly manifests our quality and dedication. We have been witnessing a drastic increase in the number of students each year and hope that our progress shall accelerate in this regard.
  • Started Web Solution Company: We have given all that we have. Apart from training the students in SEO, we also started a company for all kinds of web solutions. We in the meantime worked for many clients and to each client we have given individual attention so that the best result comes out at the end. We have been designing very impressive websites for our customers and we take pride to have worked with reputed business firms. We have solutions to offers to varied clients in various ways. In the process, we have trained many youngsters in web designing as well. So this web solution company trains individuals and sustains a wide range of clientele.
  • Helped students to become entrepreneur: It is not a practice of any professional institute to take charge of a student’s aim completely. They do of course help their students get placed but are not bound to make them achieve their personal aims and goals. We are very different in that sense, for we have helped our students to get established as entrepreneurs. Getting them placed is easier than assisting in entrepreneurship, but we took this task with sheer interest. This endeavor of ours was merely due to the trust that our students showed in us. Many of our students are now successful entrepreneurs and still we guide them whenever they want. Our network of students is ever expanding.
  • We have achieved a considerable success, but still, it is too long journey for us. We still have to work more and achieve more. Our utter trust on students and colleagues has been motivating us all through our journey. Moreover, we believe in team spirit due to which keen and intelligent people have recognized us. We have aims and missions with a wide ambit that encompasses the society at large. Our efforts for social causes such as conducting camps for free cataract operation and blood donation camps have encouraged us to progress. We believe in contributing to humanity in whatever way we can. This spirit of service has made us taste whatever success we cherish.


#17, 1st Floor
Opp. F. M. Silks 3rd Main
3rd Cross, RMV II Stage
New BEL Road, Bangalore - 560 094