Trainers are the people who are supposed to help others to progress in lives and career. But what happens when they themselves struggles to find the right way to make others aware of their skills? Like any other entrepreneurial activities, offering training too needs supportive marketing strategies to achieve long-term goals.

So, how would you go about letting people know about the kind of training solutions provided by you? To begin with, you need to identify your market and target audience. Almost all parents and students have some kind of presence on Internet and social media platforms. They use it searching for information, to interact, seek advice and even socialize. Schools and universities too nowadays have online presence through their social media pages and websites. As a trainer, you therefore must target the web platform for promoting your training courses.

It seems online marketing and SEO are the best solutions for trainers. Firstly, they can easily target the audience on web platforms and secondly, the options are more affordable than traditional forms of advertising and words of mouth promotion. It yields results faster and can make one really popular easily. As a result, many trainers are now turning to online marketing.

The importance of a business website is nowadays unavoidable. But very few in India still use it to its full potential. If designed and promoted in the right fashion, your website can turn to be a formidable business tool for you. But it needs understanding on SEO and content marketing. These two are the most important factors of online marketing.

SEO: Search engine optimization deals with improving site ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages) and thus improving number of visitors to site. It creates a natural flow of visitors to your website through organic/natural searches. Regarded as a comprehensive approach to online marketing, it deals with promoting brand image across web platforms.

Content marketing: Unless you know, what sells you cannot achieve success with your marketing plans. Content is the most crucial component of web marketing. Content in web platform covers vast categories—from what you write on your website to blogs, posts made on forums and social media platforms, articles and guest posts made to third-party sites, images, video etc. all belong to the group of content popular in web platforms. Effective content marketing needs training to develop SEO friendly copies.

Trainers are subject matter experts and you can promote your brand by offering tips and suggestions to candidates. It is a great way to create awareness with your target audience. This will help you get a steady flow of visitors to your site, help it rank high in search results and create fan following for in the social media. But, how can you ensure that the content you write find audience? Proper training in SEO is the only way to ensure that. Courses offered by SEO Training Point targets to answer all queries and uncertainties related to SEO and online marketing. We organize demo classes where candidates can enroll for an introduction to search engine optimization.

  • Yoga trainer
  • Dog trainer
  • Dance teacher
  • Almost every industry

Course fee is 25,000 INR (twenty-five thousand). This fee covers training, live case study, marketing plan. This course takes 50 hours.

We do not accept cheque. Once you enroll our training program, you cannot cancel the seat and you will not get your money back. However you transfer to your near and dear.


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