Can SEO courses help Jewelry designers?

Jewelry designers are highly creative people. But they too face industry challenges such as —branding and marketing. The market for jewelry designing is expanding worldwide. Side by side of leading jewelry brands, there are smaller entrepreneurs who are offering their boutique jewelry to niche market.

Jewelry designers operate on a highly competitive environment. They have a niche market to cater. Selecting the right group of audience is crucial for them to make their efforts get noticed and achieve appreciation.

Penetrating the market in the right fashion remains the biggest hindrance for jewelry designers. Most young designers when they start their business have less or no idea at all about how to reach out to the right people and turn them to prospective customers. As jewelry designing involves high investment, it is important to reach to breakeven point quicker. Failing to identify the target market effectively can affect long-term growth of your business.

Professional jewelry designers are in need of personal branding, promotion, and networking to create awareness among targeted audience. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a careful approach to create brand image and reputation across web platforms by ranking your website high in search engine results so that visitors can easily find your services through organic searches online.

SEO targets at improving conversion ratio through your website. It carefully targets the audience by increasing probability of your website getting featured in search results when customers look for similar services. It operates on a fixed set of rules that determines how different search engines display result pages.

SEO is a potential tool. It is a methodical approach to improve website ranking and direct more targeted customer to the website to eventually turn them into customers. You will learn:

  • Website UX
  • Choosing right keyword
  • Content development
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Competitive analysis
  • Website analysis
  • All Google tools
  • Jewelry blog
  • Jewelry channel through YouTube
  • Facebook marketing mix
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Picasa and Flickr

SEO Training Point offers targeted courses designed to play supportive roles to entrepreneur jewelry designers to help them leverage potential of online marketing. The course would cover different aspects on SEO and online marketing to help fashion designers understand importance of it. It allows them to take a critical advantage over their competitors by carefully planning online marketing strategy.

Course fee is 25,000 INR (twenty-five thousand). This fee covers training, live case study, marketing plan. This course takes 50 hours.

We do not accept cheque. Once you enroll our training program, you cannot cancel the seat and you will not get your money back. However you transfer to your near and dear.


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