Are you B. Sc. B. Com, B.A. or Engineering graduates/MBAs or even job-hunter for looking SEO training, we will give you all the information that you need to know.

Choosing an SEO training institute is really a tough decision to make, because your entire SEO career and future stands on this. There could be many questions pop up on your mind like job prospect, future, salary, placement etc. We here at SEO Training Point will try to give you all those points to consider us.

When internet was introduced to India, it took off very fast. Today internet has penetrated even the hinterland of the country. This has promoted SEO industry at different corners of the country. There are now SEO firms at small towns that are catering to the vast internet market growing internationally.

If you are a graduate and wondering what can be a better career option that is relevant to current market scenario, is rewarding and offers ample opportunities of career growth then perhaps SEO remains your best solution. To become an SEO expert one would need some training but compared to course expenses these are cheaper than MBA and engineering courses in top institutes. It does not demand any specific qualification—simple graduate (B.SC, B.A or B.Com) can become SEO expert after undergoing a short training that would cover the market trends and aspects of the industry.

You are correct. Stuffs are free, but you do not know how to use them. You even do not know they are old techniques or new. In today’s Internet world, search engine changes their algorithms very frequently and adding new terms and conditions. Added to this there are many products retire and new products enter. How do you know that? Free stuff will help you at certain stage but will not give you hands-on experience. Things are not streamlined and aligned to your choice of training. Because language, purpose, and level are different. Eventually you will land on a confusion state and slowly you will get dejected.

Here comes an SEO training institute that will teach you systematically with full support and guidance. You will be able to know how things work practically. So these are reason why you should join SEO training institute.

The whole purpose to join SEO training is to know all the latest techniques, tools, and tips. To be an SEO executive or SEO analyst you should know all these components. SEO organizations expect an SEO executive should understand the ins and outs of a SEO project.

The benefits you will get from SEO training are:

  • Latest SEO techniques
  • How to do SEO strategy
  • How to prepare an SEO documentation
  • How to create an SEO report
  • SEO Return On Investment (RoI)
  • And more

If you think by learning few SEO techniques will give you everything then you are wrong. The real SEO is yet to start. Internet marketing is like an ocean and SEO just an element. SEO is just 20 percent of entire learning system. Still 80 percent to cover. What are those 80 percent? Well you will have to learn:

  • Marketing
  • Business goal
  • Website development
  • Content development and creation (the real learning is here)
  • Customer engagement
  • Purpose of SEO
  • Social media marketing

Even amidst wide spread economic crisis that has hit both domestic and international market the future of SEO in India look bright. In fact, it is expected to grow further since businesses now look for economic means of advertising. The major factors that ensure viability of SEO in future are mentioned below.

  • Increasing number of internet users
  • Affordability
  • Growth of small business and start-ups

Graduates from any background can enroll for SEO courses. Freshmen, job-hunting people, and even students in their sophomore years can join the course to become an SEO expert. Whether you are looking to join the industry or want to start a personal set-up, a training course will put you in the right direction because contrary to popular notion, SEO is not an ad hoc process.

SEO Training Point offers comprehensive training solutions to aspiring SEO professionals. Their courses are crafted keeping both the current and future market trends in mind that would make students adaptive for changing industry needs.

Rather than take you to SEO directly, we would like to tell something about the background of internet marketing and then take you through our course curriculum. You will achieve:

  • Understanding internet marketing
  • Understanding Google
  • Creating website that meets your customers goal
  • Components that make customer engaged
  • Content creation and development
  • Choosing keywords using keyword research tools
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Webmaster tool
  • Web analytics
  • Video marketing
  • Working with social media

To know about SEO course details, pls visit (full line to be anchored)

Salary is not a barrier for qualified professionals in the industry. Average salary is likely to range between 10k and 50k depending on one’s experience and knowledge. There are also scopes for one to work as consultant or freelancer. SEO Training Point assists aspirants in finding placement in the industry and also helps them with career advancing courses with industry oriented training.

SEO gives equal opportunities to students, small business owner, and even housewife/homemaker. These days every company needs SEO professional, who can optimize their website. If you are students want to purse your career, here is the career path:

  • SEO trainee
  • SEO analyst
  • SEO specialist
  • SEO lead
  • SEO manager
  • Internet marketing head
  • Web design analyst
  • PPC analyst/manager
  • Social media pro

If you find your job is not rewarding or interesting, why not start something on your own? SEO and Internet marketing are low risk and high profitable business. If you are really serious to start your own business, let us know. We will help right from the scratch. Please see what you can do with SEO. Here is the list:

  • SEO trainer
  • Freelance/part time job in SEO
  • SEO work from home
  • Start your SEO training institute
  • Start online shopping site
  • Start your internet marketing company
  • Be an SEO reseller
  • Be an SEO consultant
  • Be a blogger and make money

Course fee is 15,000 INR. This fee covers training, resume writing, and placement assistance. This course takes 40 hours.

Please note: We do not accept cheque. Once you enroll our training program, you cannot cancel the seat and you will not get your money back. However you transfer to your near and dear.


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