Fashion designing has a close connection with SEO, why? If you take a look around, you would find all your contemporaries are trying to promote their brands on web platforms. It offers them an affordable and easy marketing solution to popularize their brand to prospective customers. If you have not yet realized the need of online marketing to promote your cloth brand, visit SEO Training Point. They are one of the leading SEO training providers imparting training to industry professionals helping them tackle marketing issues more efficiently.

Young fashion designers are often driven with the passion to create but they overlook the difficulties associated with marketing their brand. They also do not have required knowledge and expertise in promoting a business through different channels. However, during the first few years of business marketing remains most important.

Promoting on web platforms is more affordable and it delivers better results than traditional forms of advertising. It helps one to reach out to more number of audiences and to target them more effectively.

SEO offers more comprehensive solution for online marketing as it targets at image building and creating value for your brand through organic searches. SEO experts apply knowledge and techniques in improving website reputation through search engine ranking.

Common users have a tendency to pay attention to the only first few results of an online search. It makes it important for businesses to get featured in the first few pages of any search result. It needs careful planning, strategy and tools. Amongst the many online marketing policies, SEO is regarded complete as it helps a website get a solid footing on web platforms.

Most people still have no or limited idea about how their business can benefit from SEO. To create awareness amongst entrepreneurs, institutions like SEO Training Point organizes industry specific courses that introduces them to intrinsic challenges of their industry and how to cope with those by targeting the right audience in more effective manner. The course curriculum will include:

  • History and basics of SEO
  • Key word analysis and selection
  • Competitor analysis
  • Use of different SEO tools
  • On-page SEO to improve value of website
  • Link building and off-page optimization
  • Importance of content marketing
  • Writing well-crafted, SEO content
  • Blogs and engaging audience through it
  • Video and image optimization
  • Social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter etc.

The target remains to help young entrepreneurs to identify industry challenges in more effective manner and to tackle them better. Whether you decide to do it yourself or outsource the task to a professional SEO firm, knowledge on the subject will help you in understanding how your internet marketing plans are shaping.

There is a new generation of fashion designers who have embraced the idea of ecommerce over setting up a brick and mortar store. It is more affordable and helps a business to attain its goals quickly. For them online promotion remains the only option of marketing to help customers find their services easily through searches.

  • Fashion blog
  • Fashion channel through YouTube
  • Facebook marketing mix
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Picasa and Flickr

Course fee is 25,000 INR (twenty-five thousand). This fee covers training, live case study, marketing plan. This course takes 50 hours.

We do not accept cheque. Once you enroll our training program, you cannot cancel the seat and you will not get your money back. However you transfer to your near and dear.


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