Chefs are creative people. Their creativity is related to food. The connection between SEO and chefs may not strike at once. But if one thinks deeply then the relation is obvious. In this era of online businesses, chefs too need to promote their culinary skills across web platform to generate more traffic and business for their website.

Personal chefs often prefer to concentrate on cooking delectable dishes than spending time and effort on finding the right marketing strategy. It however does not need to be overly complex. Simple steps can help in achieving great feats when done correctly.

Even few years back, online promotion of food industry was unheard of. People mostly believed in traditional forms of advertising and words of mouth. But in today’s situation those offer only limited reach. It fails to reach to international clientele that search for services through online searches.

Today there are institutions to provide SEO and SMO training to aspiring chefs, who want to make a brand name for themselves online, to benefit from the advantages offered by careful internet marketing.

You must be a great cook but how you would let the world know about it. Being a chef you need a solid marketing strategy that would improve your return on investment. But as you start, you are faced by the challenge of how to go about it. Planning a marketing strategy isn’t easy. It today involves use of technology, tools and marketing principles in the right proportion.

SEO for chef is about branding. It helps with networking, showcasing and engaging audience to be your advocate.

Industry specific training courses are crafted to serve a specific industry according to its intrinsic needs. It takes into account the limitations and challenges faced by an industry and better target its potential audience.

Being one of the leading SEO training institutes in India, SEO Training Point has been offering SEO and SMO trainings to chefs to educate them on different aspects of online marketing and to help them leverage the benefits of it. The specially crafted courses for chefs aim to teach the following.

  • Effectively targeting of audience across web channels
  • Promoting traffic to the website through organic searches
  • Website optimization and on-page SEO
  • Link building an off-page SEO
  • Promoting brand across web platforms with effective content marketing
  • Video optimization (get more visitors from YouTube)
  • Get more leads
  • Blogging
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more
  • Landing page creation
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing

Finally, students would be given chance to try and test what they have learnt through practical exercises and industry training.

Amongst the twenty types of internet marketing activities, SEO is deemed the most complete and powerful one as it helps websites get a solid footing on search engine result pages. Even if you know about SEO, you would still need training to use the technique in the right fashion. The course will teach you the best and effective ways to increase visitors to your pages and making your website an extension of your business.

SEO Training Point focuses on delivering industry specific training that would help with self-brand promotion. We, at SEO Training Point organize demo classes for enthusiasts to check out what they will be offered before enrolling for their classes.

Course fee is 25,000 INR (twenty-five thousand). This fee covers training, live case study, marketing plan. This course takes 50 hours.

We do not accept cheque. Once you enroll our training program, you cannot cancel the seat and you will not get your money back. However you transfer to your near and dear.


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