The industry of carpet and rug is a traditional one, but renewed interest has pumped in fresh blood to the industry. Being a cottage industry always the craftsmen or those related to the business never received enough support of constructive marketing and branding. That’s because success of such a business used to depend on the craftsmanship of the entrepreneur. The situation however has taken a positive turn as demands for Indian carpet has increased both domestically and internationally. Quite a few interior designers are using carpets in innovative ways to accent floors and walls.

If you are facing difficulties in getting customers for your carpet and rug business then marketing can provide you with an answer. But, marketing, on itself, is a vast and complex topic and it involves investment of fund, reallocation of resources and tactical approach in identifying the best method of marketing a business.

Most often carpet and rug manufacturers are small entrepreneurs who don’t have the fund to run a long-term advertisement campaign on popular media. As a result, many such entrepreneurs have turned to online marketing, which is affordable, promises to deliver quickly and also helps them in targeting larger market without incurring additional expenses. Their websites help them to showcase their ware to the international clientele through easy processes.

The website of a carpet and rug business can be a formidable tool for determining its success. But merely building a site and hosting it isn’t enough to resolve your marketing worries. It needs nurturing and strategic approach to online marketing to promote it through web platforms where it can easily be searched and found by prospective buyers. The wholesome approach to online marketing is called SEO or search engine optimization.

To begin with there are over twenty forms of online marketing exist in modern scenario but amongst them SEO is regarded most constructive. It deals with overall improvement of your website and builds rock solid reputation for your brand. It helps your audience to find your site and services through searches on popular search engines, namely – Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Have you ever wondered why one website receives more visitor than another? What are the terms that visitors would search on the Internet to find your services? Can you turn your visitors to customers? All these questions can be answered by SEO. But modern SEO is no longer an ad hoc process. Search engines have continuously upgrading their algorithm to make online searches focused on the requirements of the user. With these aspects, modern SEO involves techniques, tools and marketing methods that would offer more solution that is comprehensive.

To implement SEO techniques to business, one needs SEO training, one that is tailored to deliver results in a particular industry scenario. There are now training institutes that offer SEO courses to entrepreneurs from carpet and rug industry. SEO Training Point is a leader in many aspects in offering modern SEO training to entrepreneurs.

It is easier for small business owners with knowledge of SEO to market their business more effectively. It is easy to plan, doesn’t involve too much time, and also doesn’t involve too much cost if you plan to do it yourself.

Training benefits:

  • How to rank your site both locally and globally
  • How to get more leads
  • How to leverage Social media
  • Online reputation management
  • Get 100 tips on Internet marketing
  • Learn 10 tools that easily get you business update

Course fee is 25,000 INR (twenty-five thousand). This fee covers training, live case study, marketing plan. This course takes 50 hours.

We do not accept cheque. Once you enroll our training program, you cannot cancel the seat and you will not get your money back. However you transfer to your near and dear.


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