Are you looking for the best business opportunity, seeking among the most lucrative business options? Here is the most advanced and apt marketing solution to make the best out of a business. We, at SEO Training Point have been attending to Internet marketing problems for a considerable time and we have been utterly successful in strategizing the right marketing solutions to the organizations through cutting-edge technology and keen expertise of our professionals.

SEO Training Point has been passionately striving towards improving the quality and standard of Internet Marketing in India. It has been dynamic in placing Indian and foreign students and helping the corporate organization to find solutions to their Internet marketing worries. Business organizations tend to lose 70-80% of their business when they go rudderless due to anomalous marketing on the Internet or if they do not have any online presence. Every business incumbently requires a trained expert in Internet marketing. We cater to their needs by providing them well-trained professionals whenever they want.

We all are ware that Internet is omnipresent. Our lives, to a certain extent, have become dependent on Internet. But still, there is a shortage of skilled people in the field who can manage organizations’ business through Internet marketing. There still lies a gap where organizations don’t get the right professionals and vice versa. SEO Training Point bridges this gap and serves as a platform for both. We are looking for ambitious organizations that aim to achieve apogeal realms of success to partner with us as business partners.

Internet Marketing is need of the hour for every business entity, big or small. Keeping this view in mind, SEO Training Point takes pleasure in providing its franchise in India to determined people who understand the need of SEO in business. We shall be glad to let you make use of our brand name. Our franchise program will guide you to set up sales offices to generate more and more business.

We are looking for self-motivated, committed and experienced professionals with excellent organizational skills and substantial expertise in educational sector to join hands with us.

We are very serious about the success of our business partners. We are constantly seeking experienced people from the academic arena, competent enough to a run training institute on their own.

SEO Training Point does not charge any franchise fee. We only charge Rupees 40,000 for providing training, support and mentoring to our business partner. It is one-time investment and non-refundable. As a business partner, we share 50-50 profits after excluding all expenses. These expenses include house rent, electric bill, water bill and other miscellaneous expenses.

What benefits and support will I get as a business partner?

By joining, SEO Training Point you will have these following benefits:

  • 50/50 benefits
  • Multi stream income
  • Complete online marketing support
  • Lead generation support
  • Robust client generation advice
  • A dynamic support system
  • Using marketing technique
  • Branding
  • Training and mentoring (you and your staff)
  • Provision of all training material and reference books
  • Latest updates from time to time.
  • Inclusion of your Centre info in our website and all promotional material as and when required

After a business set-up is complete, you do not have to worry about getting the business and making money. We use various methods to get students, like SEO, social media, email marketing, blog, flyer, brochure, free seminar, and free demo class. We leave no stone unturned to reach the students

We are very serious about our placement strategy where we seek to make effective use of our ties with recruitment consultants who get our students placed. We also tie up strongly with corporate organizations that have been constantly in need of trained professionals in the field of Internet Marketing and SEO.

We work together with our partners in the field of marketing and branding. We have considerably grown in terms of business and recognition and we aim to make optimum use of our brand name to promote our branches with your support as a partner.

  • Highly experienced people from college, institute, and training institute
  • Enrollment of at least 10 students per batch.
  • Robust sales and marketing background.
  • Honesty, integrity, and putting the need of students
  • Efficient understanding of the education sector procedures and the ability to practice the same
  • Self motivation and willingness to work independently
  • Excellent organizational skills

Of course, there are many SEO Training Institutes all over India. What makes us unique is our well-established name and trust of our students and partners that we have gained so far. We have been utterly honest in our work and have been upholding the virtue of honesty with utter passion. SEO Training Point is one of the few top SEO institutes in India. We strive to mould amateur individuals into skilled professionals thereby helping the latter and the corporate world and consequently garnering trust from both the hands. What else, our proved placement record, unquestionable support to our associates/partners and commitment makes us stand apart. We shall be obliged to have serious people in the field to join hands with us towards the realm of success.


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