Are you struggling to get your students placed? Are you tired of not getting campus? If ‘Yes’, we are here toput an end to your worries and pave way for employability for your strands.

Careers and Employability opportunities for graduates:Though, there is a stiff competition in every field, there is no dearth of jobs where technology is growing at very fast speed. Moreover, jobs in the sector of Information Technology are in abundance. But the students and institutes are still unableto track these jobs,as this task requires a lot a time and effort. Having a separate placement wing is also not an easy thing to do as it will drain lots of money. So it is incumbent to have a supporting unit or a collaborative partner to find an easy way to the problem of getting the students rightly placed. You don’t need to worry anymore.SEO Training Pointis utterly disposed to get your students placed in the IT industry.

About SEO Training Point:SEO Training Point is an institute, which has been continuously trying to fill the employability gap.Due to the dearth of the genuine institutes that understand the situation and work in thisregard, the students face a lot of problems in getting their determined jobs. It also wastes their money and precious time. We truly understand your problems as an institute/college, and get the best possible solution for you.

  • Creating SEO/SMO professional-
    There is a high demand for SEO/SMO professionals due to the rapid increase in the field of IT and corporate world. SEO/SMO professionals are paid handsome remunerations and they are wanted everywhere, as the technology is global now. In order to become a successful SEO/SMO professional, one needs to get the right training, which is utterly industry-oriented and makes room for job. We make our trainees learn in a very pragmatic and practical way so that they get the taste of how the industry works before they enter into a job. It is to be noted that SEO/SMO is now recognized as one of the most lucrative careers amongstothers. This profession has earned a lot of respect as well.SEO Training Point provides industry standard training, make the trainees domain familiar so that they get easy access to jobs. We have trained many youngsters who are now working in big companies and earning a very handsome amount.
  • Placement and Internship-
    The main worry while pursuing a professional course is to get a job. Once a student is enrolled, we take the responsibility to the fullest extent to get the trainees rightly placed. We also facilitate internship programs that are very extensive and interesting at the same time.We ensure that the students get handsome packages. We have tie ups with many renowned corporate entities. We have been in partnership with them to provide quality trained SEO/SMO professionals for a considerable time.
  • Campus Drive
    We mark our presence in college campuses where we select students whom we find best-suited ones for the IT industry. This makes us choose the best and the most enthusiastic ones. This will help your students get the jobs without sweating. It is also very fruitful for the progress of your institution and its reputation.It is a cumbersome activity for colleges and universities. But you needn’t worry. We will do all for you and your college, once we tie up in collaboration.

  • Walk-in-interview
    Our placement process is very easy and comfortable for both, for you as well as the students. Your students do not have to take an appointment for the screening for their interview. The companies will directly choose and recruit yourstudents for them. We have tie-ups with companies that recruit students, so it’s an easy task for us.Well deserving candidates will get their deserved reward. Walk-in-interviews are conducted for several days and as frequently as they are desired. We can also assist your students by giving them interview training and tips about the interview pros and cons, for instance, the mannerism, attire, and so on.
  • Job fair
    The best part about our placement drive is that we conduct job fairs/ job expo so as to attract the maximum talents, give opportunities to every student to get the job.It also lets your image as an institute become praiseworthy and directly affects your admission intake, thereby letting you have the students in abundance. We bring corporate world and academic world together where job seekers interact with job givers on a large platform. We have conducted any job fairs in the past and all of them have been vey successful. We have so far helped hundreds of students and it goes on.Job fairs bring big opportunities to you as institute to showcase your quality before the corporate world. If bulk of your students your students get placement, it is directly for your own benefit and will prove to be very fruitful for your image. On being associated with you, we shall be giving you an invitation prior to conducting the job fair.
  • Corporate tie-ups
    As mentioned earlier, we have strong tie-ups with the corporate world, where many companies big and small are associated with us. They are in need of efficient workforce, requiring talented people. Our tie-up with them makes us easy to make ways for jobs for hundreds of students. We bring you as institutetogether on the same platform with the companies so that the inflow of jobs and outflow of trained and job-seeking you as youngsters can be smooth..
  • How to become our associates:
    We take pride in being associated with the reputedcollegesand universities and other institutes.We have in the past become a family together with the institutes and act together as a unit. We try to provide all types of assistance that we can, after being associated.If you wish to be associated with us, you simply send us an official mail along with your institute’s logo. We will get back to you the same day.


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