Are you struggling to get right SEO/SMO/digital marketing candidates? Are you tired of searching appropriate skilled resources that will fit in your team? No more worries! We, at SEO Training Point are at your disposal to give you complete solution to the problems arising in digital marketing. There is a stiff competition in every field and corporate is no exception, with numerous companies increasing at a rapid speed. This leads to immense traffic of webpages and therefore requires your business to be at the forefront. Internet marketing requires fast paced implementation of skills and ideas and hence there has to be an incumbent need for a trained SEO/SMO/digital marketing professional who knows all pros and cons of it. You need to have dynamic people with competitive spirit who can make your business visible to the utmost extent. There are many SEO/SMO/digital marketing experts, but not all are ‘experts’, as they say. We, at SEO Training Point provide the most effective workforce and help you in all your web solutions thereby being your partner in the success that you yearn for. We invite you to be our placement partner and help your business grow better.

SEO Training Point has been active for a considerable number of years in providing SEO/SMO training to graduates and post-graduates (MCA/MBA/B.TECH) and placing them in the deserving organizations. In the process, we have been partnering with corporate organizations where we provide our effectively trained students. This makes them get the desired people and at the same time, students get their jobs. We shall continue to be active in this venture in future.

  • SEO professional (freshers)- being an expert SEO professional is not easy. It requires a lot of skills and characteristics in a person. Some characteristics may be intrinsic but many are to be instilled. An SEO expert has to think a lot, to understand and conjecture what keywords most people search for, what the trends are and which search engines are used by the targeted category of people. We provide the young graduates with A-Z knowledge and see that not even a minute skill is left to be taught to them. Our trainers are dynamic digital marketing professional themselves and hence, we are able to train the students in the best possible way.
  • Web developer (freshers)- we also train students in Web developing. We use most innovative and advance tools and requisites to train them. We understand that every customer requires customized and a different website for itself that should be highly impressive and attractive. So we have to take care that our students design the best websites for their clients when required.
  • Placement and internship - when a student gets enrolled in our institute, we hold ourselves responsible to provide him/her the appropriate training, which is industry-specific, and try to mould him a highly professional person. In short, we make graduates industry ready and then place them where they deserve in the same way we give you what you deserve as a corporate entity.
  • Campus drive –we mark our presence in college campuses where we select students whom we find best-suited ones for the IT industry. This makes us choose the best and the most enthusiastic ones. Our campus drives have been very successful in terms of the quality we get. This helps you (the corporate organizations) to a large extent as you get the best people in the industry. Moreover, you also get recognized in terms of providing the jobs to the deserving students.
  • Walk-in interviews –our placement process is very easy and comfortable for both, for you as well as the students. The students do not have to take an appointment for the screening for their interview. You can directly choose and recruit students for your company without our interference. We will just be assisting you and helping you as and when desired. This will help you choose the best-fit candidates for the SEO profiles in your company. We hold such screenings for the job whenever you require. This will also help you lessen the hectic task of making every arrangement for the recruitment process.
  • Resource development –we have been very effective in resource development. We have been attracting many students from various universities and colleges and this process goes on throughout the year. So we do not have any dearth in skill set of good quality trained professionals. We do not just have the resource, but a skilled resource, which understands the day-to-day trends in the Internet marketing and knows how to be abreast with them.

College tie –ups: Because of our tie-ups with various reputed colleges and universities, we get many students to train and place. We are in constant touch with the educational institutes who keep on providing the students that seek training and job in the field of SEO and Web Designing. College tie-up is also beneficial for you as a corporate entity as it will help you choose from amongst many talented trained graduates. This will be directly beneficial for your company as more skilled people will be a part of your organization and you will have a probability of utter success interns of SEO requirements. Moreover, you will get high recognition and this will be an indirect source of marketing for you.

How to become our placement partner:It’s very simple, as you just need to send us an official mail along with your company’s logo. We will get back to you the same day. We shall henceforth discuss all relevant requisites for your company needs and will fully assist you in getting the right and appropriate Internet Marketing experts and web designers for your needs. We have been partnering corporate entities right after our inception and we have a strong bond between us. We believe that trust and confidence of our partners comes foremost and we have been very successful in making corporate organizations like you, taste success and recognition. We hope that you shall find a lucrative and helpful partner in us!


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