SEO Training Point (SEOTP) is a well-established institute, which imparts training to the young graduates and postgraduates in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing. Apart from providing training to the students, SEOTP provides placement to students through its collaboration with the companies and corporate. Through its dual association with corporate world and students, SEOTP bridges the gap between both academic and corporate world. It has served as a platform for two industries and has helped hundreds of students and many companies so far. Moreover, SEOTP has been very active in helping the aspiring entrepreneurship to settle in the industry and mark their presence. The institute has been a source of guidance for everyone linked with the IT/ITES industry.

SEOTP imparts training in two ways—at the basic level and at the advanced level. There are two modes of training i.e. Classroom and Online. This is done to ensure that the knowledge and learning reaches each and every individual without any hassle.

As you know that it is now necessity to have online presence of one’s business, but the task is not accomplished here, as websites of a business firm needs abundant visitors who can turn to become probable customers. Hence, there comes a requisite of the owner to implement SEO and SMM, which can act as a catalyst to boost up business growth. SEOTP aims at turning business woes into profit. Besides providing the SEO ranking facility to your business website, SEOTP prepares excellent professionals through its state-of-art coaching and training. Our SEO professionals envision molding trainees into finest professionals. Our services range from comprehensive training modules to online business strategy training and professional certification in mass media to digital analysis of marketing aspects. Our professionals leave no stone unturned to make the trainees industry-ready by making them skillful and then honing their skills to the utmost.

As you know, there is a tremendous amount of competition on the Web where every business entity wants to be at the top. It is difficult even for relevant websites to be at the top. A skilled SEO is well aware of the techniques and tools that make one’s web existence be at the top position. Hence, the process of search engine optimization requires proper skill such keywords research, content development, on-page and off-page optimization, analytics, and tools that can make a website stalk up and remain at the top.

What made us to start this: Due to stiff competitors in the corporate world, there emerged an urge to find better avenues of one’s business promotion and success. Internet, being one of the chief sources of marketing and biggest source of promotion was to be utilized in the most effective way to boost one’s profits. Consequently, there was a manifest requirement of abundant SEO professionals. There were SEO institutes, no doubt, but not many. SEOTP was therefore brought into presence that could help as many business entities as possible and make determined entrepreneurs achieve their goals through SEO professionals that we envisioned to bring forth.

What we do: Through our services, we render help, train, employ and assist many people. Besides providing SEO training to young minds, we employ them as well. SEO requires not just pure SEO professionals, but content writers at the same time as well who can generate the right kind of content for optimum number of hits required. We help business owners make their business visible to the utmost extent. At glance, our reach is wide and impact-oriented.

Why we do this: We understand that merely a physical presence of a business entity is not enough if it does not have a presence online. Again, online presence is not the desired requisite but a ‘known’ presence is required, that is to say that a large number of visitors on the web must see its online presence. Here is where SEO expertise helps in marketing the products and services by improving the ranking on search engines. We are at the disposal of business entities and have been very successful in providing SEO solutions.

Vision and mission: SEO Training point is one of the best training institutes in Bangalore, which never compromises with the quality training that it provides to the students and best placement that it facilitates. Our mission is to reach as many business entities as possible and we envision being the catalyst behind the success of maximum number of business entities.

Our professional approach

  • We make sure that a student’s profile is appropriately attached as per the requirement and then a list of courses is compiled for a student from which he/ she can make his/her choice.
  • We make sure to guide students in the most suitable and appropriate way to make him/her attain the academic excellence to the fullest.
  • We have taken a pledge to never compromise with quality.
  • We deal with a very pragmatic kind of training, emphasizing on performance-oriented training to the students. We also work closely with academic institutions and assist them by imparting training and placement opportunities to their students.

Our team: We cater to all needs of a student to become an excellent professional and therefore, we have the best trainers in the industry who are knowledgeable and experts at the same time. They have trained students not only from India, but also from U.K., US and various countries in Asia.

About our training methodology: Our training methodology is very organized and realistic in the sense that it is entirely industry-oriented. We do not go in anomalous way to teach. Moreover, our trainers are very much abreast with the changing patterns in SEO methodology and make the students aware to the most possible extent.

Our core value: We believe in values and show our adherence to them. We believe:

  • That team work is necessary to capitalize on the core part of our work.
  • To bring forth new ideas so as to pave way for innovation.
  • That quality and service come foremost.

Our commitment

Since our inception, we have been continuously climbing up the ladder of success with our student strength increasing every year. So far, we have been able to train more than hundred students applicants who have further obtained placement post their training. Our team’s everlasting efforts and commitments are the foundation behind the 100+ successful applications that have attained their dreams of studying in the best institute of the Bangalore, placing more with each year that goes by. We are not only committed towards imparting education only to our country folks but to take it globally as we believe that every human being has right to learn irrespective of any community, ethnicity or nationality. We always strive to give our 100 per cent in the efforts that we enthusiastically make.

Social responsibility: We have social responsibility just like other citizens. We are aware that we must carry out things that are beneficial for the masses at large. That is why we take initiatives such as:

  • Free operations for cataract
  • Blood donation camps
  • Green initiatives to safeguard our environment.

Go Green initiative by SEO Training Point: Green initiatives aim at complying with those means in business that causes zero or negligible harm to living creatures and environment. We believe that it our utter responsibility and duty to safeguard our planet earth.

Blood Donation: A conducting frequent blood donation camp is another task that we take up as a part of our social responsibility. We also encourage our team members, students, parents and public to donate blood or donate ‘life’ in other sense.

Our future plan: We are determined that in near future, we will be training students from India and other countries and create as many opportunities for employment as possible. We envision that quality education of the highest possible standard should become global and reach every deserving candidate.


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