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Whether you are a student, digital marketing enthusiast, newbie to SEO or a business owner wanting to make your presence felt and make a difference in the online world then SEO training is a step one. We at SEO Training Point provide unique tailored programs to each one of you, making you a SEO maven. Visit us at any one of our locations and get a demo!

Our value propositions
  • Affordable and great value for money
  • 90 percent knowledge retention
  • Creating employability
  • 100 percent placement assistance
  • Creating marketing vision for entrepreneur
Why choose SEO Training Point, Bangalore?

Every training institute justifies themselves to be the best SEO training institute. Ours also has some points to justify. Here are some points to choose us:

  • Tailor-made/customized SEO training that fulfills your purpose. We never follow OSFA method to train our students. SEO for travel portal cannot be same for the real estate company, because purpose and goal are completely different. We listen to your business goal first and then change accordingly.
  • Likewise, for students we have different kind of training. SEO for mass comm./journalism students cannot be same for the graduates
  • Our trainers are highly experienced. When we say highly experienced it means our trainers have all kind of knowledge and experience like content development, content writing, website conceptualize, SEO, SMO, landing page, squeeze page and other relevant domains.
  • Lifetime support. Why lifetime? We know sometime down the line some of you might start your own venture. That time you may need our help. Some of you might be our partner too. Let’s grow together.
  • Our SEO training is unique from other training institute. Visit our course detail to know more
SEO training for students
Industry specific SEO training

Best SEO training institute in Bangalore

We know how difficult it is to choose an SEO training institute in Bangalore. Because there are plenty. How to take a call. Here comes SEO Training Point, a Bangalore based digital marketing training institute that offers unmatched training.

It is true that anybody can learn SEO. Neither you need any software knowledge nor do you need any high-end math formula. However, our concern is if anybody can do it why people are not success in SEO. Some people have already learnt SEO still want to re-join. Well there are many reasons. Look at these points:

We here at SEO Training Point offer systematic SEO training so that you learn and then implement it. We train students, small business owner, entrepreneur, start-ups, and house wife (homemaker). To know more about our training program please spend some time on our website, we promise you would love our site.

What is SEO in plain English?

There are many answers to this. However, the simple answer is; SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization that helps website improving the rank in search engine like Google. High ranked website helps business owner to get more visitors and business.

But why SEO training, why not Social Media Optimization (SMO), why not any other components?

Yes, there has been a big debate on this topic worldwide. To answer to this question, we would say SEO is backbone of website and helps you in ranking, getting target audience, retaining top position for longer time, wherein SMO and other components help you getting more visitors, branding, even generate leads. If you learn SEO, you will achieve:

Is your SEO training program same for all students?

No No! We do not believe in OSFA (One Size Fits All) method. We offer customized training program for different students. Students could be graduates, small business owner, entrepreneur even a common person. In order to know more about our SEO training program please read each of our training categories.

Who can join our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) training?

Many people really do not know where to start. Many questions come to their mind like qualification, technical skill, and programming. People say, I just know the Google and email. Can I join this course? Some people say I have never heard about this but my friends often talk about SEO. What exactly SEO is and how can I be part of this profession? Can I do it for local area like Bangalore or for India? Even people say, is it part time job or full time job? Can I do business after complete this training? Well, the answer is yes. You can do everything with SEO from job to business. Moreover, the best part is you do not need any technical knowledge. Search Engine Optimization training is easy to understand and interesting too. If you spend two hours a day, you could be good SEO professional.

SEO training benefits: There are many benefits that you can learn and then implement for your website. It helps your site to keep high rank in search engine. With our step-by-step SEO training course, you will learn how to:

  1. Rank your site on first page and retain your position for years
  2. Learn how Google Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, and Humming bird work
  3. Google tools (Webmaster, Analytics, Ad words, Trends)
  4. Google has over 100 (hundred products). How to use them
  5. Use SEO tools and techniques effectively
  6. Different kind of websites
  7. Increase online branding of your business
  8. Develop and online campaign
  9. Attract your target audience
  10. Develop and create content. A must for all
  11. Know your competitors
  12. 200 SEO and SMO tips


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